Antares “Sloth” out 04.25.2014!

Today is a good day. We’re super proud to let you know that we’re gonna release AntaresSloth” on 04.25.2014. And we’re going to do the dirty job with our friends at Annoying Records

Stageblasters and long time brothers, these italian bastards did it again.

Antares "Sloth" out 04.25.2014 on Rancore Records & Annoying Records

“Sloth” is a 11 tracks powerful LP of hard and heavy rocknroll with punk and metal influences.  Get ready cause it’s going to be one of the best release of the year!

ps: enjoy this preview ;)

The Brokendolls “Wolves Among Sheep” out now!

The Brokendolls are a band led from one of the craziest motherfucker I have ever met on the road: Ros the Boss.
I can’t tell you anything about our first meting ’cause I can’t remember it. We’re brothers since the day one.

Despite all the shitty things some envious people can tell you, Ros is one of the most genuine person you’ll ever find on this cursed planet, one of the most generous friend you could have…. and an epic frontman as well!


The Brokendolls - ph: Davide Biondani

We’ve been touring together for thousands of miles across the Old Country and it was absolutely natural to help this guy to release their third full length “Wolves Among Sheep“.

If you’re looking for the right cocktail between Backyard Babies and Zeke, this Wolves Among Sheep is the right record. After Casey from thee STP joined the band last year, The Brokendolls’ sound left the classic rock n roll territories landing in the scandinavian rock ocean. And this means two things: a more dynamic song writing and more choruses!

The record has been released by a DIY label conspiracy with the partnership of Rancore Records. And there wouldn’t be any better way to start the year!

The Brokendolls - Wolves Among Sheep

Buy your digital copy here!

Track list:
1. A new breed 01:09
2. When the lights turn on 02:41
3. King of the night 02:30
4. I wanna get some 03:10
5. 198sick 02:19
6. Destroy 03:13
7. D generation x 03:04
8. Dream on 02:52
9. Wolves among sheep 01:43
10. No king no crown 01:51
11. Out of my mind 03:46

Seditius on tour again!

Hey, Seditius will hit the road again for 8 gigs across the Ol’ Country in these next days!

26.12 LA SALLE GUUELE, Marseille, Fr
27.12 THUNDERBIRD, Saint’Etienne, Fr
28.12 ARMONY BAR, Paris, Fr
29.12 TBA – Paris, FR
31.12 IL CIRCOLO, Mariano Comense, It, w/ the LEECHES
02.01 CLUB BOZAK, Teplitz, Cz, w/ the LEECHES
03.01 BLACK LAND Berlin, De, w/ the LEECHES
04.01 SUBWAY TO PETER, Chemnitz, De, w/ the LEECHES

8 shows around France, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic, and as you can see from this map, this will be a typical Seditius ride : )

After their trip in France, we’ll come back to Italy to celebrate New Years Eve with a big show with their mighty friends THE LEECHES and a very special crazy driver: ROS (the Brokendolls). With this crew they’ll spend for five more days on the road.

Supported by:

PS: we’re always looking for last minute gigs. If you can help, please send an email at

29/30 dec 2013 – France/Italy
1/5 jan 2014 – Germany / Czech Republic/ Austria w/ The Leeches.

“Scumbags United”: Antares/The Blues Against Youth European tour

Just few lines to let you know that Antares will hit the road again with their favourite one-man-band The Blues Against Youth next week!

Ten  gigs across the Ol’ Country:

antares tour
12/12 – Bologna, IT @ Freak Out
13/12 – Riva Del Garda, IT @ Lochness Pub
14/12 – Linz, AT @ Kapu
15/12 – Furth, De @ Kuntskeller
16/12 – Chemnitz, De Subway To Peter
17/12 Erfurt, De @ Cafè Tikolor
18/12 Leipzig, De @ Liwi
19/12 Freiberg, De @ Alte Mensa
20/12 Leisnig, De @ AJZ Leisnig
21/12 Teplitz, CZ @ Boozak Club

Post Scriptum: Just to let you know… this is what happens when antares are on tour :)

SEDITIUS / BROKENDOLLS austrian classic ride

Seditius and The Brokendolls will hit the road together this Halloween for their classic 3-day austrian ride.
Here’s the flyer and some more details about the gigs:

Oct. 31  - Baobab, Nogara, Italy
Nov. 01 – Das Bach, Wien, Austria
Nov. 02 – Club WakuUm, Graz, Austria

Media partner: Salad Days Magazine
Artwork by Matteo @ El Corazoon Tattoo 

A Vulgar Display of Gipsyness out now!

What happens if you put two of the best Italian punk bands together in the same ‘91 Volkswagen T2 with a young videomaker and make them drive for more than 2000 miles across Central and Eastern Europe?

And if after a one-week D.I.Y. tour with no day offs you put all the footage in the hands of an independent Danish director now based in Milan, It?

The result could be a ten minutes movie about 8 Italians driving across alps and Slavic lands, playing wild shows in the worst holes of Eastern Europe, eating every kind of Goulash and drinking the cheapest alcohol in town every night. Enjoy

New Gordo album out now!

This is one of these kind of releases that make us really proud of ourselves and our friendships.
Gordo new record is definitely a must-have.

We met Gordo’s Micky and Fabri when still playin’ in one of the most crazy band we’ve ever had  in Milan, It, the mighty Long Dong Silver. Micky was playin’ bass and Fabri was playin’ drums.

As many of you may know, friendship is one of the best part of life, and after a lot of nights on the same stages we become something really near to brothers.  So, when Micky and Fabri told us they we’re going to drop their last selftitled album, it was completely natural to help this crazy-sludge-fat-duo releasing their record.

gordo2 gordo3

As you can see from these photos, the packaging is made by 2 pieces of wood, one bolt and one nut. Every piece of wood has been screen-printed by our beloved friends Lapaguis.

The result is this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. record. Ain’t it one of the best records you’ve ever seen?
Yes, it is. And you can find it ONLY at Gordo’s shows.
So leave your fucking sofa, get out and go to one of their next shows.

Post Scriptum: If you don’t already know Gordo, here’s a quick web itw and a good unauthorized live in Milan, It. Thank god, police didn’t showed up that night.

Seditius Misplaced out now!

We’re very proud to announce that Seditius‘ new record Misplaced is finally out!
And yes, it’s a FULL FREE DOWNLOAD!


Seditius will be touring Italy soon and europe this summer, go and support them!

Seditius - Misplaced

Track list:
1. §
2. A Radical Blues
3. So Far, So Good
4. Landscapes
5. Raid the Sky
6. On the Eve of the Hurricane
7. Further/Forever

Recorded by Carlo Leatherface at the Toxic Basement Studio in november 2012.
Mixed by Gianluca Amendolara at the Cellar Door Studio in december 2012.
Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at the New Mastering High End Studio in january 2013.

Seditius: Misplaced out soon

We’re proud to let you all know that Seditius will be releasing their upcoming record on 11.03.2013 on Rancore Records.

Misplaced (this is the record’s title) is the first record as a four piece and it marks a purposeful estrangement from the Carne da Macello’ heavy sound.

Seditius live

After 3 years on the road all over Europe, exploring new musical landscapes, Seditius give birth to a 7 songs record which is, as usual, out of every genre standard.

We’ll release the record for free on this website on the 11.3.2013, meanwhile here you’ll find some info from the album, the tracklist, the artwork and a video teaser which features the first song from Misplaced. We hope you’ll like it.

Seditius – Misplaced
1. §
2. A Radical Blues
3. So Far, So Good
4. Landscapes
5. Raid the sky
6. On the Eve of the Hurricane
7. Further/Forever

Seditius - Misplaced

Misplaced has been recorded by Carlo Leatherface at the Toxic Basement Studio (Cripple Bastards, FOAD Records and many more )in november 2012, Mixed by Gianluca Amendolara at the Cellar Door Studio in december 2012, mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at the New Mastering High End Studio in january 2013.

Online for free on 3.11.2013

Release party: 3.16.2003

Congegno “Metamorfosi” OUT SOON!


Siamo stra contenti di annunciare un’altra sana coproduzione. Nel giro di un mese infatti dovrebbe essere fuori “Metamorfosi“, il nuovo album di una delle migliori formazioni hardcore trentine, i Congegno.

Il nuovo album è composto da 9 pezzi ed è opera di Bilo del Microcosmo studio e Mauro Andreolli del Das Ende Der Dinge. Se poi volete una preview, qui potete sentirvi in anteprima Incudini di Vetro.

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